February 29, 2024

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Soldiers may be stationed in Umuaka to forestall violence.

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Considering the high spate of violence and youths’ restiveness in Umuaka Municipal Council, there is a high likelihood that the government of Imo State or the Federal Government may station soldiers in the community as an intervention force. From Umuaka Times investigations, there have been several acts of violence in the community in the last few months. Recently, a girl was raped and beaten up by some youths who video recorded  her after accusing her of stealing a handset that belonged to one of the rapists. There was also the case of few youths from a particular village who reportedly invaded  another village with offensive weapons to engage the youths of the invaded village in a fight.

Armed robbery, kidnapping and motorcycle snatching activities have recorded high marks in the community in the recent time.

Just last week, a fight ensured between two gamblers which ended in one stabbing the other with a bottle and the victim died after some hours.

Reports had it that the youths from the village where the dead victim came from, stormed the stabber’s village, went straight to their family house and set the family houses ablaze. From several indications, the presence of soldiers in Umuaka may be inevitable as more violent activities unfold in the community.

At different fora, stakeholders in the community have appealed to their subjects to always maintain a peaceful co-existence in the community.

Many Akalites, Umuaka Times gathered are seriously skeptical towards the move to station soldiers in the community. Some claimed that it may most likely lead to other social ills and eventually pave the way for army civilian clashes in the community. There is a high level of apprehension that many innocent persons especially youths, may be victimized if soldiers are stationed in the community.

On the contrary, many who have wondered why the sudden escalation of violent activities and social disorganizations have become the new normal in the community, strongly believe that it is only the presence of soldiers that will quash the spate of violent criminal activities in the community. Umuaka Times has on several editions, reported and frowned at the unimaginable rate of violent crimes in the community. To these people, to station soldiers in the community will go a long way in saving the community from violent extremism which seems next door.

3 thoughts on “Soldiers may be stationed in Umuaka to forestall violence.

  1. To forestall which violence???

    That few gamblers got themselves into argument and one of them was killed in the process, is that a enough reason to bring soldiers to station at Umuaka???

    Meaning that *INNOCENT AKALITES* will be subjected to heavy extortion.

    Whoever is making this arrangement should think twice.

    This people are ready to kill because of a mere #200 bribe.

    Let us not bring something that will not mean good for Akalites.

  2. Who the hell is cooking up this nonsense evil of bringing soldiers to peaceful Umuaka? Have people lost their senses, as not be able to remember what massacres, killings of civilians, intimidation and extortions of innocent Igbo civilians by the Nigerian soldiers in almost every Igbo communities they were posted? There is no community in this world where there’s no crime. Why should the few cases in Umuaka be amplified as to plan to bring in military? Come to think of it, where is the police, and what is the duty of the military? Are the army more needed in Umuaka than they are needed in Ebonyi state, Enugu state and Delta state where the fulani herdsmen terrorists are sacking villages, abducting and killing people and, taking over their buildings, farms and other properties unchallenged? I believe the people behind this plan has another evil agenda, and may be behind the few crime cases we have in Umuaka in the recent times. There is no justification whatsoever to, contemplate bringing the unpopular Nigerian army to Umuaka. Something is going on underground.

  3. Stationing soldiers in Umuakah & it’s environs will cause more harm than good. See, as much as insecurity and disorderliness are talk of nowadays, and security Operatives contributed Immensely in the recent incessant killings & brutality in South East, Umuakah Traditional Rulers can handle this amicably & avert the future occurrence.

    Leave soldiers in Owerri or at Obinze camp, to avoid more casualties & clash by UGM, thereby leading to massive destruction or deterioration, and Umuakah character deformation. I Arrest My Case ✍️?

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