May 28, 2022

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Success Age Grade records big success in its first Oghu dancing event.

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The atmosphere in the premises of Unity Primary School Obinwanne Autonomous Community in the Old Umuaka town was totally electrifying. People had gathered from many parts of the state to witness the first time event of the special Oghu cultural festival organized by the famous Success Age Grade.

By the time the Umuaka Times reporter who went to cover the event arrived,  the master of the ceremony was about to usher the selected dancers who were drown from some neighbouring towns and villages in order to add colour to the event. As the reporter was approaching the Oghu arena, suddenly it was as if the skies were let loose. Heavy rainfall immediately set in, sending all the guestst away from the arena.  Both the organizers and their guests expressed deep disappointment as they all concluded that the rain was about to disrupt and end abruptly, an event that took several weeks to package.

AS the event was planned to celebrate the togetherness and the spirit of oneness among the members of Success Age Grade, in less than 30 minutes, God ordered the rain to stop and it instantly did. All the guests returned to the arena. Time for real celebration has just begun.

As the event gathered momentum once again, the elegantly dressed members of the Success Age Grade were seen trying to control the crowd and make sure that everything went in accordance with the planning. Clad in black trousers, white shirts and black ties to match, the Success Age Grade boys of Obinwanne had somehow, introduced a form of corporate dressing into the celebration of oghu dance in the locality.

While speaking with the vice president of the organization Mr Victor Chinedu Onuoha,  Umuaka Times gathered that there are so many age grades in Obinwanne who have been promoting the Oghu culture through similar events. Mr Onuoha confirmed to Umuaka Times that this being the first time the Success Age Grade was hosting the Oghu Festival, they planned it to be a huge success and it really cost them a lot to bring the event to such  high standard. He used the opportunity to thanks all the people who came from several towns and villages in the state for their patience when the rain was falling and prayed to God to protect and lead all the guests home safely at the end of the event.

The event reached to its sensational climax when Chief Celestine Agu, the traditional Prime Minister of Obinwanne and the Ekwembiriba of Umuaka arrived at the event. Many youths from the Success Age Grade and others went to usher him to the arena. The Traditional Prime Minister took a little time to demonstrate his happy mood when he threw his walking stick to the Oghu instrumentalists and they stopped the beat. He thn danced a little before going to take his seat.

The oghu festival organized by the Success Age Grade of Obinwanne was a huge success. There was no form of violence or youthful rascality. Everything went normally and by the time the event came to an end, guests left the premises of Unity Primary School, singing praises of the organizers of the historic event.

Umuaka Times congratulates the Success Age Grade of Obinwanne for an amazing and hitch-free Oghu dancing event.

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