December 7, 2022

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The Benefits of Breast Massage.

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You might think of breast self-exams for lumps when you hear the word “breast massage.” But there’s a different type of breast massage that’s far more enjoyable than a self-check (though you should still perform them!).

Breast massage is designed to be a practice of self-love first and foremost, and it may aid with stress relief, improved circulation, and the release of discomfort and breast soreness if done appropriately and with the client’s agreement.

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Touching the breasts isn’t often viewed as a “comfortable” feature of traditional Western-style massage, thus it won’t be on the menu at your local spa or included in your regular full-body massage. Breast massage, on the other hand, has Ayurvedic roots, according to Alexa Berman, a clinical Ayurveda practitioner. This sort of massage is frequently provided at Ayurvedic spas. Curious? Here’s what occurs during a breast massage, how it may help your breast health, and how you can treat your own breasts with self-care.

What exactly is a breast massage?

A breast massage is not the same as a breast self-exam, which is similarly important for determining your typical breast health (some studies have found that 25 percent of women discovered evidence of breast cancer by doing self-exams). Breast self-examinations entail palpating the breast tissue and inspecting oneself from all sides on a regular basis. It’s not supposed to be a peaceful experience.

Berman, on the other hand, believes that breast massages are for self-nurturing. They’re applied during an Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage, which is an oil-based full-body massage. An Ayurvedic practitioner will massage your breasts in a circular motion before moving on to your armpits and breastbone. You may even use the same techniques to give yourself a breast massage if you choose (more on that below).

What are the health benefits of breast massage?

FAQ – Breast Health Institute Houston.

This form of massage has a variety of possible breast health and mental health advantages, depending on the person and their breasts. Here are a few of the most common reasons why professionals believe breast massage can benefit you.

Keep in mind that there isn’t much scientific evidence on the advantages of breast massage, so consider them anecdotal. Breast massage, on the other hand, isn’t dangerous, so go ahead and try it.

-It can relieve tension from the breasts:

Breast massage has a lot to do with relieving stress, according to Ayurveda. “Because your breasts are mostly made up of fatty tissue, they might get stagnant if you don’t get a massage.” She says that manipulating the region creates mobility and can help unclog the channels where fat builds up. According to Berman, adipose tissue stagnation can lead to benign lumps or bumps accumulating, and adding heat and more circulation to the region can help break this up.

-Breast massage can improve your circulation and help with breastfeeding:

Massaging the breasts helps to promote blood flow to the mammary glands. Circulation in the breast region is significant since it has been shown to release oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress and unhappiness. Not only that, but it may be extremely beneficial to new mothers who choose to breastfeed: Massaging the breasts on a regular basis can help maintain the milk and blood flow going through the breasts, making the process simpler and less painful.

-Breast massage may aid lymphatic drainage:

The lymphatic system, which includes the breasts and armpits, can get clogged and blocked, especially if you’ve undergone chest or breast surgery. According to Berman, massaging and releasing stagnation in the chest area can assist the lymphatic system detox—you may feel a release from your sinuses and the desire to blow your nose afterward. Berman emphasizes the need of working on or having the practitioner work on the armpits, where the lymph nodes are concentrated, for extra release. (If you’ve undergone chest or breast surgery, see your doctor first regarding breast massage.)

-Breast massage can provide relief from swelling:

You may suffer achy, aching boobs during your period or when nursing, which might benefit from a little TLC from breast massage.

What’s nice about Ayurvedic breast massage, according to Berman, is that by using oil and then concluding with heat (a bath, shower, sauna, or hot towel), you’re opening up the pores and enabling the oil (which is often combined with herbs at the spa) to permeate deeper into your skin and tissues. This oil application, followed by a bath or shower to enable the oil to penetrate deeper into the skin, will aid with pain and inflammation if you have soreness or swelling.


–Breast massage can be beneficial for stress-relief:

A massage, especially one to such a sensitive region, should be contemplative. Berman advises, “Remember to touch with love and compassion.” “You want the intention in your hands to leave a favourable healing energy impression on your nervous system.”


It may be a terrific stress reliever as long as you don’t go into the massage with nervous or angry thoughts.

How do you perform a breast massage?

If you’d like to stay at home, it’s just as easy to give yourself a breast massage at home as it is to go to an Ayurvedic spa.

Of course, it’s critical to begin in a focused mental place before moving on to a calm, serene physical environment. Using a basic heating oil like organic sunflower or sesame oil. Start by massaging each breast in a circular motion, working your way from the nipple to the outside of the breasts. Working on one breast at a time and without applying too much pressure is crucial, according to Bacharach, especially if you start to feel pain.

Then, working upward toward the shoulder joint, travel to the armpit and outside border of the breast to assist cleanse the lymph nodes and clearing any ducts. Before moving on to the breastbone, massage your collarbone, shoulder, and neck on both sides. Finish with a moderate clockwise circle massage in the middle of the breastbone.

Have a hot shower or bath after the massage to allow the oil to soak into your pores. She claims that you don’t need to use soap because the oil is designed to wash your skin. If you don’t want to take a shower, wrap yourself in a warm towel and relax for a while—the oil will absorb into your skin as you sleep.

Even if you’re nursing, it’s generally fine to massage your breasts. If you have a disease that makes nursing unpleasant or irritating, Bacharach recommends talking to your doctor first. If you’ve recently had a mastectomy, she recommends waiting a few weeks before beginning to massage your breasts and then starting slowly. (Also, check with your doctor before touching the area to make sure you’re okay.)

Breast massage, on the other hand, may be a beneficial post-op practice once your sutures are out. It’s also a nurturing and calming form of self-care. Ayurvedic breast massage is not supposed to be sexual in nature, but experts believe that getting in touch with your body is crucial and that enjoying it only adds to the advantages.




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