October 19, 2021

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The Great Umuaka Times Debate: Eze O.S.B. Igwilo speaks.

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In the ongoing debate tagged the Great Umuaka Times Debate, the traditional ruler and royal father of Osina in Ideato LGA Imo State, HRH Eze  has joined the league of royal fathers who have spoken and participated in the debate titled Should English Be the Official Language of Traditional Rulers in Nigeria.

HRH Eze O.S.B. Igwilo the third and the Ezeosina XV of Osina was blunt in his contributions. Hear him: “Everyone tries not to jettison his or her culture and tradition as well as language, but too bad we the Igbo are trying our best to throw ours away. Yoruba, Hausa and others hardly do so. they always stick to their languages and conduct several official assignments in their local languages.”

The royal father who was the former secretary, Imo State Council of Ndi Eze and assistant secretary South East Council of Traditional Rulers went further: “It is really beneficial for our royal fathers to use Igbo language officially because it will help our children to also develop interest in the language. In the event of mixed audience, the royal father should get an interpreter. I support the idea and appeal to our royal fathers to implement this revolution.”


1 thought on “The Great Umuaka Times Debate: Eze O.S.B. Igwilo speaks.

  1. The present traditional institution of Igbo society is rooted on Queen Elizabethan Warranty staff. How can such institution implement or adopt use of Igbo language against English that it was built upon.
    If Igbos want to be like Yorubas, Hausas, Ijaws etc, they should review the indirect rule system imposed on it by colonial rule.
    Igbo society should stoop downstairs to her pre colonial era cultural norms, that is time the nationality can do away with some of the alien cultures that dominate it’s values. Thanks for this wise discussion.

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