September 27, 2023

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The Onyonnyoo of Igboland distributes food items to kinswomen

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It was joy unlimited yesterday being Sunday February 6, 2022 in Umuezikenwanne Uba Umuaka. The cause of joy was the hosting of the hardworking Umuezikenwanne family women by one of their illustrious sons Mr Chima Okoro (the Onyonyoo of Igboland) who is based in America.

As usual with most of the things the Onyonyoo does for people in and outside Umuaka, he never announced the event nor promoted it by any means. The Umuaka Times correspondent in Owerri who witnessed the event was merely paying a social visit to the Okoros as he suddenly met the event going on.

Umuaka Times gathered that Onyonyoo used the opportunity to celebrate Christmas for the women in recognition of their resilience and to care for those whose children could not make it home during the last Christmas celebration due to insecurity. He urged the women to continue their hard work in running their families with the best of their abilities under the excruciating economic hardship in the country today.

The event kicked off with prayers as the women gathered one after the other at the venue of the occasion which was the country home of Mr Chima Okoro. The women who numbered about 50 shared a bad of rice between two persons, one cartoon or tinned tomatoes and a gallon of groundnut oil also went to each woman.

Commenting on the kind gesture by one of their sons, Mrs Pauline Orgazi, the president Umuezikenwanne women forum used the opportunity and thanked Mr Chima Okoro for remembering the women. She also confirmed to Umuaka Times that Mr Chima Okoro, the Onyonyoo of Igboland is someone the Umuezikenwanne family is always proud of. She described him as a rare gift God planted in the family. She finally assured Umuaka Times that the women of Umuezikenwanne will continue to pray for more blessings from God to continue to enrich the Onyonyoo of Igboland and the entire Okoro family.



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