July 6, 2022

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“There is nothing I miss about Nigeria.” Prisca Uchenna  Ehirim.

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UK based Akahlite and the daughter of the late Bonaventure Ehirim from Uba recently spoke with the UK correspondent of Umuaka Times. Umuaka Times was astonished to find out that Prisca, as she is fondly called by her admirers and close friends is an activist of some sort. She raised some vital questions about leaders, corruption and more.

The interview was cut off half way for some reasons. Umuaka Times will meet her again someday for the concluding part of the interview.



Can we meet you please?


Yes, my name is Prisca Uchenna  Ehirim, the daughter of Bonaventure Ehirim from Umuezikeoha Uba Ụmụaka.


Where do you live?


I live in London United Kingdom.


We understand you have lived outside Nigeria for long, tell us those things you u miss about Nigeria.


Yes I have lived outside Nigeria for quite a while and I am probably going to disappoint you with what I will say. Aside missing  seeing my family regularly, there is nothing I miss about Nigeria.



For real? Why?

Unfortunately Nigeria has not moved with the time like one would expect. Nigeria has no functioning government and no health system. No  provision of welfare or protection from harm for the majority of the population.

Sadly these people make up the greater population. They are wallowing in abject poverty in the midst of plenty. I can go on and on. It is sad!  Very sad! So you see, how can I miss the country.


What about the culture and social life, don’t you miss them?


Culture, hmm yes, Ogho probably, but social life? No I don’t. I prefer it here.


Is there anything  you expect Nigeria government to do which they are not doing? If yes, tell us.


Yes of course, It is obvious that Nigeria is doing nothing for her citizens.


Tell us those things.


I expect the Nigerian government to provide regular electricity, clean water to every household, a working health system available for all, create jobs and pay workers their wages when due, provide welfare packages, security for  the citizens, build safe roads, fit for purpose hospitals and loads of other things they shamelessly fly down here to enjoy. The government should  take full responsibility to better the lives of Nigerians.


What can you plead more?


Let Biafra go.


You want Biafra to go? 


Yes I do.




Marginalization and oppression of the South Easterners has necessitated my support for the agitation.


But do you think the injustices will not continue if Biafra is realized? Remember Igbo politicians are still not doing very well.


I get that, but listen, allow us to be led by our own in our own geographical location.

We will deal with them in our own way to get them to be answerable to us!

For then, ”the chicken has been brought home to roost.”


What about corruption?


Yes, corruption and injustice will not disappear but they would  not be at the scale it is presently. Let’s not miss the big picture of massive opportunities that will be available for the huge number of talented Biafrans to utilize.




Like what and what?


We would showcase to the world what we got, there will be less hunger and desolation on the streets.


But do you see Nigerian government allowing Biafrans to go, even at gunpoint?


No I don’t, you know, they got no balls to give us a chance and then observe us overtake the continent. The agitation will go on though, and Biafra will be realized sometime someday.


Can you tell us how the British government handled the issue of Covid19 especially in its care for the masses?


Yes the British government locked down the country. Well a bit too late.

Key workers were allowed to continue to go to work while non key workers were furloughed

The government undertook to pay furloughed workers up to 80% of their wages for 3 months ending in July which has been extended to September with a little amendment. As it is, the lock down is being gradually relaxed to restart the economy.


What about self employed workers and business owners?


Self employed workers were also paid. Business owners were given some form of support too. Tenants could also furlough their tenancy for 3 months.


Did the government  also compensate some charity homes?


Food banks and charities got incentives too from the government in order to continue to offer support to the most vulnerable in the society.


Will it surprise you to know that in Nigeria they told people to go home and that was all?  At times they used lorries to distribute small bags of rice in some streets. They would throw 7 bags of rice from the lorry to the crowd of about 1000 persons or more?


Unfortunately we watched the situation from here with shame and disgusting embarrassments.

We also watched video recordings on social media of  the Hausas in Northern Nigeria that received cash payments and more.


In your own view, was it ok for a whole  Federal Government of the people to satisfy only the North?

No not all but it is clear that there is an agenda after all. The agenda is playing out. It is no longer hidden. Buhari and his cohorts are flaunting their agenda of “Only the Hausas matter”.


But the same APC government of Buhari still enjoys a strong support from the South, especially South East. Are you aware of that?


It is sad! They are like the proverbial hen whose feathers were plucked by an aggressor, who went on to feed the hen while it had no feathers and shivered for cold. The hen ate it because it was hungry, at the same time  it shivered from cold until it died of the cold.


You are v angry about Nigeria as a country. Somehow, in UK where you live, things are ok to a large extent, still, there are some things about UK that piss you off. What are those things in UK that piss you off, from government policies to the behaviour of the people. Also tell us those things in Nigeria that you are happy with.


You are right, some of the things that piss me off here among others is the deceit of the English. They believe that by acting to be  tolerant of immigrants, they would get us to trust them. They should right all their wrongs against Nigeria and do the needful.


Can you cite an example of here to drive home your point?


The policy of “the more hours you work, the more tax you pay” should be revisited.


What of in Nigeria? Tell us the good things? 


Parents still have a lot of control over their kids.


Can you explain more?


Many parents have no control over their kids here, especially the black parents majority of whom are Single.

Are there some consequences to this development?

Unfortunately, the consequences are playing out on the streets where you see our young black males knifing themselves on our streets. Please do not ask further.


Give me your final advice to Nigerians over Covid19.


Yes, It is real. Three people very close to me suffered it and to God’s glory, they survived.

However, I believe that Africa is better placed, weather wise to beat Covid-19.


Many people have said so. Thanks a lot for your time.


Thanks for having me.



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