February 29, 2024

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Troublesome members of Aka Ebe Iri Security outfit sacked.

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Following several reports from the indigenes of Umuaka Municipal Council concerning the activities of Akah Ebe Iri Neighbourhood Watch, the Njaba Police Division last week restricted the activities of the security outfit by temporarily disarming the group to make ways for an impressive security performance. From what Umuaka Times gathered last week, it was disclosed that the reason for the move by the Njaba Police Division was to curtail the advancement of aggressions, corruption and human rights abuses that have so far characterized the modus operandi of the body.

It can be recalled that since the formation of the Akah Ebe Iri Security outfit, several Akalites have leveled serious allegations of brutality, unjustifiable aggressions and the disaster of human rights abuse against the group. The last confirmation of the allegation was on December 31, 2023 in Ugbele Akah when the group had a scuffle with a Cambodian Akalite, Mr Divine Iwuji over an issue that could have been simply handled. At the end of the scuffle, Mr Iwuji lost four of his teeth to the group. The Iwuji family later confirmed that the security officer who inflicted her son with such a high degree of injury was at large.

The findings made by Umuaka Times last week showed that about 90 percent of cases of aggression, violent display of power, gross human rights violations and other illegalities concerning the security body, was carried out by non-Akalites who were members of the group. It appears to be a scenario where foreigners were the aggressors and Akalites were the victims.

It was under this understanding that the Njaba Police Division summoned the group last week and stripped her of her working tools and eventually sacked the non- Akalites who constituted the aggressive memberships of the group.

In a similar development, the last known victim of the group, Mr Divine Iwuji who lost four of his teeth following an attack from the group, had successfully undergone a corrective dental surgery at the Federal Medical Centre Owerri. The fillers Umuaka Times got last week from the Iwuji family confirmed that Mr Divine Iwuji had been temporarily discharged from the hospital.

It is generally believed that the group may perhaps, carry out its duties diligently now that the bad eggs among them have been “cracked out”!




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