May 28, 2022

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By Dr Albert Okunwa.

Umuaka Times Newspaper is celebrating its one year anniversary. As the Cultural Ambassador to the United States of America for Umuaka Times Newspaper, I consider it an honor to write a congratulatory message to commemorate this milestone.

I write to congratulate Umuaka Times on its first year anniversary as an online weekly newspaper. I like to specially congratulate the Editor- in- Chief and Publisher, Mr Ojy Onwukwe, for his in-depth and thorough analysis of burning issues affecting Umuaka as a community and its indigenes both home and abroad.  Also, I recognize and appreciate the hard work, diligence and professionalism exhibited by all the local, national and international reporters and correspondents of the newspaper. Despite obvious difficulties and challenges facing a Rookie Newspaper, Umuaka Times has stayed focused on its mission which is to celebrate Umuaka sons and daughters, educate, entertain and inform the entire community on issues that affect us.

As the first of its kind in Akah City, Umuaka Times is celebrating its first birthday not only to thank God for sustaining it through this difficult first year, but also to grant this newspaper a resounding success in the years ahead. The newspaper also wants to let everyone know that it is alive and well and needs everyone’s support and patronage. Having survived the vagaries of the first year in a business adventure, it is right and befitting for me to salute Umuaka Times for placing Umuaka on the world map once again. Today, anyone can basically read the publications of Umuaka Times from anywhere in the world!

All followers and readers of Umuaka Times Newspaper have come to look forward to Mondays in eager anticipation of the new edition of this weekly newspaper. I can categorically and unequivocally state that I have never been disappointed whenever a new issue is published. This is so because important and exciting issues affecting Umuaka are always published, some prominent sons and daughters of Umuaka are featured, relevant information are disseminated including sports, social events, cultural activities, breaking news and current affairs. So Umuaka Times Newspaper is now a reference source which helps to educate, inform and entertain the people.

Today the people of Umuaka as well as millions of loyal supporters all over the world are in a celebration mood because Umuaka Times has successfully completed its first year of operation.  We rejoice with our own home-grown news source for a fantastic and successful year of great services and contributions to the growth and development of our beloved Akah City. Congratulations on your great stories, inputs, opinions and wise recommendations throughout the year.

Happy birthday to Umuaka Times.

Dr Okunwa, Ugobuzuo 1 of Umuaka and the Umuaka Times Cultural Ambassador of the Year  2019, writes from Houston Texas.


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