December 7, 2022

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Weeds take over Njaba stadium as project is abandoned.

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The construction of Njaba Local Government Stadium in Umuaka, a contract which was awarded under the ousted government of PDP in the state has been abandoned by the contractors handling the project. This development may not be unconnected with the new moves of the new government of the state which is an APC government. It is almost a tradition in Nigeria within  official sectors that when a government is changed; the new government tends to abandon the projects of the previous government no matter their importance.

For a couple of months now, the construction site of the stadium has been abandoned by the contractors and the entire place thereafter, became overgrown by weeds. When Umuaka Times did a story on the stadium last November 2019, the engineers handling the project complained of flooding as the major impediment that would hamper the progress of the work. The construction engineers, Samuel Okon and Samuel Omoruyi lamented that the project had already lost two months due to flooding.

As at now, the contract which was supposed to be concluded by early 2020 has turned out to be a project that only exists in the imagination of the people. The Holy Rosary Primary School which later metamorphosed into Central School Umuaka was then marked for demolition in order to give space for the stadium. It appears that Umuaka has lost the Central School and the stadium project as well.

When Umuaka Times visited the stadium site, the bushy nature of the site scared the reporters who made the visit as they feared that some dangerous reptiles like snakes may have converted the place to their homes. An okada rider who volunteered to speak with the reporters who visited the site, said that they, the okada riders have killed not less than 5 snakes from the site of the abandoned project.


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