February 3, 2023

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Akah Prince, the flamboyant big boy who needs your help.

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Mr Casmir Friday Iwuagwu, a.k.a Akah Prince, the Achara born socialite, known for his inexplicable flamboyancy both in and outside Nigeria may have fallen from his elevated position of an international big boy of a highly sensational nature, to the grand floor of social life. Last week, a video, all the way from Bamako, the capital city of Mali emerged on the internet where he was seen sitting down on a popular corner in Bamako looking like a mentally challenged patient. In the video, the almighty Akah Prince whose attire always ran into high hundreds of thousands, was wearing torn cloth and bushy hair and bears. He indeed caught the real image of a mentally challenged fellow in the video clip.
When Umuaka Times shared the video, the newspaper asked several Akalites to confirm if the person in the video was really an Akalite indeed. some people responded and confirmed that it was really the almighty Akah Prince, an Achara born international businessman and playboy.

Akah Prince is a great lookalike of the late American rap musician Tupac Shakur.

Few days later, another video emerged on the internet where Akah Prince was taken to a hospital and people were soliciting for financial support on his behalf. The reason for the assistance those who took him to the hospital gave was to see how they would raise funds to care for him and offset his medical bills.

But who actually is Akah Prince? Akah Prince is a well known popular socialite whose popularity cuts across 4 countries mainly, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo and Mali. He speaks French, Igbo and English languages fluently. He is talented in music, football and dancing. Several details about Akah Prince which Umuaka Times could not confirm before press time last week, alleged that from 2005 till date, over a total of $3 million has passed through the hands of Akah Prince through collective business deals. An Akalite who lives in the United States disclosed to Umuaka Times that there is no big boy Akah Prince wants to meet that he cannot meet, including top politicians and celebrities. Another fellow described him as a money-making machine who is spiritually strong.
In 1995, Time Magazine in one of its cover stories, described George Soros as the most unlikely American to run out of cash. Those who knew Akah Prince closely, seriously believed that he was the most unlikely Akalite to run out of cash as well.

Akah Prince does a lot of unusual things. He is talented in both music and football. He cuts the image of Tupac Shakur and many have mistaken his pictures to be that of Tupac, the great American rap musician who was assassinated on September 13, 1996 in a highly questionable circumstance. Tupac is the music idol of Akah Prince.
Umuaka Times correspondent in Mali confirmed that when Akah Prince arrives at any party be it in Togo, Ivory Coast Nigeria or Mali, the atmosphere completely changes and he utilizes his unique talent of dominating his environment immediately and without delay. His highly infectious smiles help him a lot to achieve this always. Akah Prince is seriously known for three major things in his life. “Eat! Sleep! Make money! Repeat.” All the times he attended Umuaka Oghu Lagos especially in Festac Town, his presence altered the real oghu cultural status quo and those who never knew him especially women, were seen asking those sitting close to them whom he is.

There is a strong indication that Akah Prince is more of a deeply spiritual fellow than people think. On September 16, 2022, while writing on his Facebook Wall, the Prince posted a comment which says “To those it may concern, this is the world’s saddest story in life, in this world. This is my life story. Ever since I was born, I never knew I was living my life under the influence of the strongest demons of goddess that control the world.”

The Prince further wrote, “since I was born, I have been transferring luck of money and power to people, everybody and everything that I saw was getting billions of people in the world rich. Now I made people rich and those that I made killed me by set-up I made many people rich in Nigeria.”

Those who knew Akah Prince closely confirmed that he indeed made several men and women very rich. It is estimated that Akah Prince may have collectively made people rich to the tune of $10 million or more over the years.

Just like in the film, Living in Bondage, all the whole millions, gold plated wristwatches, diamonds, hotel life, women and celebrities Andy had, went under and the almighty Andy, began a battle to save his life and soul. This is almost the same scenario that Akah Prince has found himself today in Mali. His friends and well wishers from both French and English speaking countries have gathered together to seek a solution on how to assist him medically and financially. As at now, people have opened a Save Akah Prince Fund and people are encouraged to assist financially.

Umuaka Times is making efforts to join forces with Togo, Ivory Coast and Mali with the aim of saving Akah Prince as he is now in a rehabilitation centre in Mali. When Umuaka Times spoke with one of the Nigerian fellows in Mali who is a close confidant of the Prince himself, he confirmed that the almighty Akah Prince is responding to treatment.
From all indications found in the exclusive and unique character of Akah Prince and his romance with money and social life, what the Prince is going through now is a mere interlude. Surely, the almighty Akah Prince will rise and stand firmly again and redesign, rebuild reclaim his social and financial status quo. What Umuaka Times cannot confirm is when and how this would be realized. But before then, the task to save the only Akalite who has the effrontery to bear the name, Akah Prince is on. Help is indeed needed from his friends, well wishers, business colleagues and those he has made millions of money for over the years.


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