December 7, 2022

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Determination saw me through the university.  Dona Nwokedi

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Chief Dona Nwokedi, philanthropist, community leader and high profile Akalite who lives in Britain recently bagged a degree from one of the universities in the country. He spoke with the Umuaka Times correspondent in the United Kingdom.



Hello Sir, How are you doing today?

Fine. Thanks for granting me the opportunity for this interview.


Congratulations for your new degree. You seem to love education a lot. 

Yes education has been part of what I’m missing in life. As you can see now I’m now a full graduate at this old age (smiles).


Give us a brief history of your academic sojourn.

I went to the prestigious University of  Bedfordshire, Luton. I entered in 2017 and graduated in 2021. I obtained BA. Hons, Second Class Upper Division(2.1).


That is great. How many attempts did you make before you got the admission?


I have attempted severally in the past, but was met with some few challenges. Although I have achieved so many skills, trainings and some educational qualifications which include ILM level 4 in leadership and management under Business and Management studies.


How was it going back to school, considering the family and social demands and pressures you have as a family man?

Going back to school wasn’t easy as I had to consider the finances, the age, family issues such as raising my children etc.


So how were you able to make it?

It was through determination, motivation, dedication and my wife’s support that I made it. It was a rigorous journey as I spent 4 years of  full time study.


That is indeed amazing and deeply tasking. So what is the next vista for you to explore now?

I am looking forward to establishing my own care home.


Oh really? How?

I studied Health and Social Care, which I achieved an excellent result 2.1 Second Class Upper Division with Honors. As you noticed, the world is changing through this Covid-19 pandemic hence our health becomes a serious concern.


You said something concerning Covid19. Can you explain?


In my last days in school, I suffered Covid-19 and I was admitted in the hospital. However as God would do it, I have already handed over my independent project.


Do you have any advice for people who have been postponing their education due to some certain reasons?

I believe if I can do this, anyone can. My advice to people is not to give up no matter any obstacles or challenges they face in life.


And to the youths, they should not be carried away by rushing to things that are of temporary value, but rather something that benefits them through their old age.


Once again, Congrats for your new academic honours.




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