May 28, 2022

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Ernest Nwanyanwu calls for prayers for Akalites living in Israel.

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Mr Ernest Nwanyanwu, an Isiozi born Akalite living in Israel has called on his fellow Akalites around the world to always remember them in their prayers. Mr Nwanyanwu  also known as Fefe made this passionate appeal following the resumed hostilities between Israeli forces and Palestinian forces which started last week. Nwanyanwu told the Israeli correspondent of Umuaka Times that all the Akalites living in the country are safe despite the escalated violence in the area.

According to Mazi Fefe, all the Akalites in the country live in the former capital Tel Aviv and there has not been any report of violence involving or affecting any of them. He further confirmed that there were also some bombardments in the former capital city as at yesterday being Saturday 15 May 2021,but the Israeli forces prevented the bombs from detonating.

In his final conclusion, he appealed to those beating the drums of war in Nigeria to desist from that because war means the temporary end of every good thing.

Another Akalite who spoke with Umuaka Times on the Middle East crisis, Mr Festus Mbamara who is the president of Umuaka Brothers Union in Israel, told Umuaka Times that the situation is not going down at all. “The hostilities have been renewed and violence is escalating. The worst part of it is that many companies here have closed including hotels.”

Mr Mbamara wondered why the situation has  reached Tel Aviv. He told Umuaka Times that everybody in Tel Aviv is living in fear.

On his final note, he also confirmed that all Akalites in Israel are safe and he also called for prayers from all around the world.

As Umuaka Times was writing the story, Mbamara called again to announce that the bombs have started flying again in their city.


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