September 27, 2023

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Hotel Plano has employed over 45 workers. Mr Oguwuike.

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During last December 2022, Hotel Plano arrived in Umuaka and started operations. Umuaka Times took a tour of the facility and it was indeed, a hotel that meets up with international standards. On the impression Umuaka Times gathered from the hotel after the tour, the newspaper decided to award the CEO of the hotel, Dr Ken Nnaka, an American based attorney with her prestigious Most Outstanding Indigenous Investor of the Year Award for 2022.

As if Umuaka Times saw the future coming, three months after the award was presented to Dr Nnaka, the newspaper visited the hotel again and spoke with Engineer Victor Oguwike, a senior citizen (retired civil servant) who is one of the top handlers of Hotel Plano on several issues concerning the hotel.

From what Engineer Oguwuike told Umuaka Times, Hotel Plano has employed over 45 persons in the last three months who are currently working in the hotel. This figure disclosed by Engineer, Oguwuike, comprises those who work at different departments of the hotel and others who run shifts as well. Talking about this milestone recorded by the hotel, Oguwuike told Umuaka Times thus. “Despite the hardship prevalent in the country, we are not doing badly. The hope of any investor is to increase employment, moreover it stimulates production if properly managed and by extension, success.”

Oguwuike who attributed the success so far recorded by Hotel Plano to the positive spirit of the owner, Dr Kenneth Nnaka and commended the staff and management of the great hospitality outfit showed optimism that better days were ahead.

“The spirit of the owner, Hon Chief Dr Kenneth Aghadi Nnaka (Idejimba), is empowerment of his people. Replicating the good life of those who have traveled far and wide, especially highly developed places like the Western World and particularly America in our clime is the height of patriotism. It is to unleash better life, recreation, relaxation and harmony, it enhances good life. This is the dream behind the establishment of Hotel Plano, Achara in Umuaka, Njaba LGA Imo State, located in Umudim Road along Owerri Orlu, Express Ray.”

From Umuaka Times findings, Hotel Plano has been doing very well in making sure that any person who visits the hotel would leave the hotel happier and totally satisfied. This is made possible because Hotel Plano “has good kitchen, store and laundry services, all for the comfort of the guests. Then the open bars, upper and down bars with musical instruments and an in-house DJ. and many more.”

On the rascality of “motorcycle boys” who tend to turn every hotel in and around Umuaka community their playground, Engineer Oguwuike explained to Umuaka Times that the hotel is making sure that the boys do not overstay their welcome any time they visit the hotel.

“As you can see, there’s relative peace and calm. Like every other business of this nature, there are always challenges, but with our trained staff, we have been able to cope. Through good conversations and communication, we make them understand why their safety is paramount and also our image as a modern hotel towing the line of best practices. We are happy to note that they are trying too.”

Before Oguwuike who introduced himself as the O.R, (Owner’s Representative) to Umuaka Times concluded their interactions, Oguwuike lamented that in Nigeria investors go through a lot in creating the enabling environment before they can move fully into businesses.

“I’m the Owner’s Representative (OR), once the MD is not around, I represent him. It is not easy but with God on our side all things are possible. My take is that business in Imo State, especially in the villages like here is highly challenging due to dearth of infrastructures. Investors have to go through the financial stress of providing, roads, electricity, water, security etc. Hence I doff up my cap for those who can take the risk, as it is not easy to recoup the capital for the Investment. However, the patronage is not bad, one day we will get there.”



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