December 7, 2022

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Hypeman Chizzykingz: A man destined to capture the world.

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Mister Ezigbo Isaac Uchenna, a native of Aguleri in Anambra State is a man that can be described as an entertainer with “trinity vibes”.  One part of this “trinity vibes” is a relentless hype man whose duty is to handle the microphone in a concert, party, club house and maintain the tempo of the grove or even create the grove himself if there is none. Uchenna, who goes by the stage name Hypeman Chizzykingz, is such an electrifying hype man to the extent that he dominates any event he anchors as the hype man. He is both a show starter and a show stopper who has gained the admiration of many fun seekers in Lagos night clubs too numerous to mention.


Hypeman Chizzykingz is also a disc joker (DJ) of note. The wizard in him bursts loose anytime he finds himself behind the wheels of music machine where he plays nonstop almost all night long to the admiration of his fans. According to him, he plans to go professional when he will have the opportunity to be a full time DJ by next year 2021.

When Umuaka Times spotted baby faced Chizzykingz in a company of some of his friends in a popular night club in Lagos, he was very excited to talk to the reporter who visited. On face value, it will be very difficult for anyone to find out that Hypeman Chizzykingz is a shy guy. This is because of his great guts which usually overshadow his shyness. Born on October 12, 1995, Chizzykingz shares birthday with some celebrities like Dusty Rhodes, a former WWE superstar, Josh Hutcherson, a famous American actor and Lara Trump, a high profile American TV producer, and campaign adviser to Donald Trump. His love for music made him become a hype man in 2015. Hear him. “I have a huge passion to become a DJ and a hype man together due to my love for music from childhood. One day, I hope to be like DJ Jimmy Jatt or DJ Khalid, “he told Umuaka Times.

This same love he has for music provided the frontline efforts that made him channel all his efforts to becoming both a DJ and a hype man at the same time like his mentor, DJ Xclusive. When asked to narrate his experience as both a DJ and a hype man, Chizzykingz, looked at the reporter, smiled, boldly displayed his beautiful dentition and said. “It gives me a lot of joy when I am on the wheels and the mic. I love what I do because I have huge passion for it.”

Modeling is another area and the last talent of the “trinity vibes” that have successfully arrested the attention of Chiizzykingz in a dramatic disposition. He told Umuaka Times that several places he goes, people come to ask him if he is a model. This question which keeps coming his way has made him develop love for modeling and as at present, two modeling agencies are interested in him. Chizzy as he is addressed by close admirers has already worked out a program for himself. Hear him. “I see myself famous on the spotlight… traveling on tours to different countries by God’s grace.”

Only time will tell for this ambitious Igbo boy with a bundle of talents.


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