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The Biography of Mrs Eucharia Iheomagwuagwu Nwariwe.

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Late Mrs. Eucharia Iheomagwuagwu was born to the family of Late Mr. and Mrs. Mmaduba of Ebenano Ekwe in the year 1952. Her Late parents were survived with 5 children, 2 boys and 3 girls and she was the last daughter of her parents.


Late Mrs. Eucharia Iheomagwuagwu Nwariwe attended her early primary school education at Central School Ebenano Ekwe in Isu Local Government Area of Imo State as a result of the sudden death of her father, she was unable to further her education and started helping her mum in business in other to make sure that their family will not starve or lack. She later travelled to Enugu with her uncle where she finished her secondary education before she got married to late Chief Onyejilem Nwariwe.


Late Mrs. Eucheria Iheomagwuagwu got married to a well-known businessman from Ogaku village Obinwanne Umuaka Njaba Local Government Area of Imo State by name Onyejilem Nwariwe who later died in their early marriage, they marriage was blessed with (9) children survived by (8) children, 31 grandchildren and (3) great grandchildren. She was an industrious woman and a good business woman.

Mama engaged in so many businesses to enable her survive in life, she is among the first women that started fish selling business at Afor Umuaka which everybody knows her as “Eucheria Azu Ndu”, she taught many women how to do the fish business. That was the last business she did before she died.


Mama was a passionate and accommodating person who loved and helped her extended family with her resources. She was an inspiring soul, always there for all who came to her with their problems and her wise advice was second to none. Her home was open to everyone and her hospitality made them feel important. She was the most loving, humble, compassionate, understanding, family oriented woman and one of the most beautiful soul one could ever meet.

It is not how long one lives but how well, but mama used every minute of her life one earth wisely and well. She lived a long, fruitful life that benefited all who were fortunate enough to come into contact with her. Everywhere she went and everything she touched, she left it better than she found them. She added and never subtracted. She made and never destroyed. God gave women a tremendous creative force and that force lived in you mama until your last day. We all miss you every day and we love you so much mama.

She never lost hope but achieved her aim by ensuring that her children reach the level they are today.

Mama you are a great achiever in your entire life endeavour to train up your children after the death of your husband.

Mama indeed you are a man in woman’s nature, to the world mama you were one person but to the family you were the world. You did not live millions but you left legacy works much more. You played both roles of a father, mother and grandmother in our lives and you were actively behind us to watch us grow from little baby to what we are today. A mother with a heart of gold, we believe you are somewhere great, resting upon God’s arms and watching over your family.


Late Mrs. Eucharia Nwariwe was born into Christian family and she lived a good Christian life worthy of emulation. She was a committed member of Catholic Women’s Organization of St. Patrick Catholic Church Obinwanne Autonomous Community.


Before her death even on the sick bed, she was so passionate and prayerful to herself.

We wished she lived longer but God knows the best.

We are definitely going to miss your motherly advice, prayer, affection and wonderful dishes.

We love you Nneoma but God loves you most.

We pray God gives us the people you left behind on earth the fortitude to bear the loss of a great mother like you.

We all loves you so much mama but our greater love you most so we don’t have

any reason to question Him. May God in his infinite mercy grant you gentle soul eternal rest in his bosom where there is existence of no pain. Amen.

Chief Emeka Nwariwe

(Son) For the family.



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