March 20, 2023

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“Umuezeala Uba youths not interested to burn Umuaka Police station”. Chibuike Okunwa.

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The president of Umezeala Uba Youths Organization Mr Chibuike Okunwa has issued a press statement to the public where he stated that Umuezeala Uba youths  is not a part of the plot to burn down the Njaba Police Station located in Umuaka.  Okunwa in the press statement claimed that Umuezeala Youths were in possession of intelligence that some thugs were planning to burn the police station. According to him,  “Umuezeala youths are law abiding and have no problem whatsoever with the officers of the Nigerian police located in Umuaka”.

Okunwa lamented that the last time the police station was burnt down a couple of years ago, the people of Umuaka suffered a lot and nobody would like to experience such again in the community.

In an interview with Umuaka Times, Okunwa told the reporter who called on him that as at Tuesday 21 October2020, he received some calls which alleged that some youths were planning to burn down the police station. “I had to issue out the press statement because our boys are not violent and have no intention to involve in such a heavy crime.”

In the interview, Okunwa continued. “There were reports today that there were some shootouts in the community, some said that it was IPOB boys while others said it was unknown gunmen. But from all I have gathered, there was no plan by any Umuaka group to raze the police station.

In his conclusion, Okunwa said that Umuezeala youths are law-abiding and can never harbour such feelings against the community.


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