September 24, 2021

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United Nations Volunteers marks 8th anniversary in grand style.

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The non-governmental organization known as International Organization of United Nations Volunteers IOUNV, will mark its eight years of successful existence in Nigeria and across other countries of the world. Umuaka Times learnt that the historic event will be held from September 16th till 23 September 202 in different parts of the world.

In a press statement released by the global administrator and the executive director of the NGO, which a copy of it was made available to Umuaka Times, Ambassador Meshiyach Cosmos Yahzitere who is also the founder of the group, told newsmen that the event will be held in Port Harcourt for the Nigerian chapter of the NGO.

The International Organization of United Volunteers(IOUNV) was founded by an Akalite, Ambassador Meshiyach Cosmos Yahzitere Okoh. The journey towards the formation of the group Umuaka Times gathered, commenced on 8th January, 2008 when Ambassador Yahzitere became a columnist in the Moonlight Newspapers in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria.


Ambassador Meshiyach Cosmos Yahzitere who who bagged a World Peace Ambassador Award from International Association of World Peace Advocates in  Bayelsa State Government House on Sat. 23rd March 2013 has concluded all arrangements to mark a successful celebration. Since the inception of the NGO, the executive director has been establishing the group from one country to another where the organization holds strong presence.

Countries where the organization, International Organization of United Nations Volunteers IOUNV operates from, include Nigeria, Morocco, Chad, India, Pakistan, Palestine, Libya, South Africa and Benin Republic. Others are Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Liberia, Ghana  and Sri Lanka.

Meshiyach Cosmos Yahzitere Okoh, Umuaka Times gathered, developed interest in UN Volunteering from his childhood days. In a message he sent to Umuaka Times mid last week, He “planned to inculcate the idea of Voluntarism in the group that gave him Award but couldn’t succeed. He left the group with some Ambassadors who joined him and established another group named Organization of World Peace Ambassador where he tried to sell same idea but also failed to convince the Members of the Board of Trustees.

Ambassador Meshiyach Cosmos Yahzitere Okoh has been able to establish and register the organization across many countries in the world including the South African nation and more.


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