August 16, 2022

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Insecurity: Lesley Agams advocates for “community policing”

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The founder and the executive director, Women’s Crisis Centre WCC, Ms Lesley Chinwe Agams has advocated for “a city wide protocol for handling crime in the communities especially in Southeast Nigeria where the presence of the police has suffered a serious setback. Agams who won Umuaka Times Man of the Year Award for 2020 made this advocacy last week while making contributions at the whatsapp group of Umuaka Times newspaper known as Umuaka Times Institute UTI.

Lesley Agams, a legal practitioner, international development expert and human rights activist was reacting to the rising crime waves in Imo State following the absence of policemen and women in some Imo communities.

The need to train some positive minded youths in such communities was another area Agams made her appeal to. According to her, such youths have to be trained and be told what to do at every given time in order to fight the rising crime waves in the state. The youths according to her, will be serving as community policing agents. She finally advised communities witnessing such rise in criminal activities to first embark on this approach than to start the construction of gates as a priority. She ended her advocacy by warning that, “Our unemployed youths can either be the solution or the problem.”


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