June 2, 2023

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Umuaka chairman in Cambodia reacts to Umuaka Times story.

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The chairman of Umuaka national union in Cambodia has reacted to the last week story by Umuaka Times about the social rascality of young Akalites living in the Asian country of Cambodia. Mr. Anyaeehie Nnanyereugo popularly known as Anyi Anyi confirmed to Umuaka Times that there was indeed a good number of Akalites living in the country and many more are also planning to find their ways to the same country in search of greener pastures.

The Isiozi born chairman of the union told Umuaka Times that he has spent more than a decade in the country and still counting. According to him, there are some Akalites who are doing legit businesses in the country and they are trying their best to be law abiding, because, according to him, “when you go to Rome, you behave like Romans.”

On the social rascality of the young Akalites living in the country, Anyi Anyi confirmed that such activities are indeed in existence and the good news is that he and the members of the Umuaka union in Cambodia have put some serious rules and regulations in place to checkmate the antisocial activities of the boys. “Our union has put in place some measures which all our members are expected to abide by,” the chairman told Umuaka Times last week.

Such measures put in place to protect the members of the organization include a total ban on any form of violence, especially violence against women. The chairman disclosed that it is highly illegal to beat a woman in the country of Cambodia and the Umuaka union seriously frowns at any of its members who engages in such a criminality. The union according to the chairman will not come to the aid of any of its members who intentionally breaks the laws of the land.

Anyi Anyi also disclosed to Umuaka Times that there is also a general body that unites all the Igbo persons living in Cambodia. He told Umuaka Times correspondent in Cambodia that many Akalites are also members of the body.

On the positive social activities of the young Akalites living in the country, Anyi Anyi told Umuaka Times that the people of Cambodia, especially the women are highly receptive to their Igbo visitors. “Some of our people here have ended up getting married to the women of this country and both parties are living together in peace and in love.”

Umuaka Times correspondent gathered that some Akalites are among the Igbo populations that have got married to some women from the country. “There is no guy from home who came from Nigerian with his family. Some of them who are here with their families established the families here in Cambodia. There is only one female Akalite living in this country,” Anyi Anyi disclosed to Umuaka Times.

On those living in the country with expired documents, Anyi Anyi told Umuaka Times that it is a universal problem. “There is no country you go today where you will not see immigrants with expired documents. In the case here, the conditions to renew the papers are very hard but the reason is not because of lack of funds. About 85 percent of Akalites living here in Cambodia is doing very well.”

On his final message to Akalites both at home and abroad, especially in Cambodia, the chairman concluded by reminding families to warn their children to do the best they can to stay out of troubles if they want to enjoy their host countries outside Nigeria.”



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